Course 1 – Dispute Resolution

The 2 courses created by the Housing Ombudsman will enable everyone with a role in dispute resolution to deal with complaints positively at a local level and sets out how to apply our three dispute resolution principles to achieve a fair outcome to a dispute.

The 2 online training courses look at how to utilise the dispute resolution principles to assist with complaints and disputes that may arise between residents and landlords.

Each course is followed by a simple assessment, which will help you to self reflect on your learning. If you achieve a certain mark you will then be able to download a certificate of completion.

Simply click on ‘Expand’ below and you will see the list of lessons within the course, click on the first lesson below to start course 1. You’ll need to work through the module in order and make sure that you are clicking on the ‘Mark Complete’ button once you’ve completed a lesson. If you have any issues with the market complete button please ensure that you clear your browser cache.

Enjoy your learning!

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