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You can contact our helpdesk in 4 different ways between 8a.m -8p.m, during the working week. Also check out the FAQ section below.

My certificate isn't showing my name

If your name isn’t showing or is showing incorrectly on the certificate simply go to your account page and click ‘Edit profile’ (under the avatar). Here you’ll be able to add or change your first and last name – this will then be replicated on the certificate.
To access your certificate click the down arrow next to the course name in your Account area.

Issues with course progression

If you’re having issues progressing the course make sure you have:

  • Marked each individual step complete (this should be done automatically)
  • Marked the module complete
If you still can’t progress then please clear your browser cache. The browser cache saves websites in temporary files so it may be causing an old version of the course to appear. You can get info on clearing your browser cache here.  

If your course is saying 88% complete even though you’ve completed it all then click on the course title in your account area. You’ll see a screen similar to the left – simply click on ‘Done’.

This video looks at tips on navigating the training portal and course.

It focuses on accessing the content, progressing through the course (marking lessons and modules as complete) and reporting capabilities.

Want a progress report?

If you require a report on the progress of the staff at your organisation please email [email protected] with a request. You should allow 48 hrs for the creation of the report.

Frequently Asked Questions


Technical info

The course is designed to be done in a linear fashion, meaning you’ll need to complete the previous lesson before starting a new one.

If you’re unable to move forward after completing a lesson just go back and ensure that you have clicked on the ‘Mark Complete’ button. This can take a few minutes to update on rare occasions.

If you still aren’t able to move on please clear your browser cache. More info can be found here .


Once you have completed all the lessons in a module you need to click on the module title and click the entire module as complete. Then you will be able to move onto the next module.

If you still aren’t able to move on please clear your browser cache. More info can be found here .


To run the course you should ensure you have the latest version of Flash on your machine. You can download it here.

Sometimes you may need to ensure your browser is allowed to run flash. The way you do this is dependant on your browser and this handy guide will walk you through enabling flash in the below browsers.

You should also be aware of the browser you use. Firefox tends to work the best, Safari or Chrome are pretty good (though Chrome updates can cause problems) and some users have found Microsoft Edge works well. Sometimes it’s a case of trying them out – o download them click on the below links:




Microsoft Edge 

The button is designed to only show if the participant has goine through the entire presentation on that topic. Make sure you have interacted with each page. If the problem persits email eCoach (details above).

Sometimes there is a slight delay in the buttons being marked and you’ll find that next time you go on the lesson they are marked complete.

If you’re experiencing a technical issue with the site (logging in, password info of content not playing) please contact eCoach (details above).

If you have a question linked to the content within the courses please contact the Housing Ombudsman.

If the assessment wont launch please try using a different browser.


Password and user info

Simply input your information in the register screen. You will then receive an email giving you your username and password. If you do not receive an email check your junk folder, also your company firewall maybe blocking it. If this is the case simply click on the ‘Forgot my password’ link on the login page and request a password reset link. You’ll then be able to set your password to login. If you are still unable to access your account please contact us through one of the channels above,

There’s a chance your welcome email has been delivered into your junk folder. If you still can’t find the email then your company firewall may have stopped it. Drop us a line via live chat or email and we will do a force send.

To reset/change your password go to the Log in page and click on ‘Lost your password?’ under the boxes. This will send you a link to change your password. If you are having any issues remember that the password was sent to you in an email so simply search for ‘housing ombudsman’ or ‘ecoach” in your email search bar. 


Once you’ve entered your details in the log in page you’ll be redirected to your account page. Your available courses wil be shown under your profile. Simply click on the name to begin / continue.


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